Ashley H. White

 H. White
 is an award winning director, movement specialist, and fight director. She grew up in small-town Texas before moving to New York when she was seventeen to continue studying her craft.

While in New York, Ashley discovered her passion for honest and raw theatre as well as the importance of studying the physical form as it applies to performance. She also discovered her love of pugs, but that’s for another time.

In 2008, Ashley and her husband moved back to Texas and found their home in Dallas. In 2010, after a few years away from the Arts, she dove right back in and began directing feverishly, while studying the impacts of characterization and emotion on the physical form. She also re-awakened her love of stage combat and began training immediately, removing the rust and fine-tuning the craft that she loved so much. Through this, she was able to mold her approach and concept toward stage performance: honesty based on the body’s physical reaction to emotion.

In 2012, Ashley founded SCDallas, a stage combat and movement company focused on providing top-tier training and educational opportunities for the DFW area. By 2015, SCDallas has over 250 members, was host to a phenomenally successful Regional Workshop (The Lonestar Smash), and organized two successful SPT Training Courses with the Society of American Fight Directors, in addition to their own regularly scheduled “Fight Nights” and workshops. The second Lonestar Smash is currently being planned and will take place in the Fall.

Through her love of creating invigorating live theatre and focusing on how the human body plays into the emotional state of a character, Ashley developed a passion for combining the two onstage. In her works, you will find sharp, fine-tuned, and consistent physical performances and honest, straightforward work. She keeps it real and strives to let the text pour from the souls of the actors within a world that is honest and expertly designed.

To date, Ashley’s directorial work has received consistently good reviews and strong (often sell-out) performance runs. As a Fight Director, she has played with fists, swords, brooms, shattered glass, stools, chairs, and of course, lots and lots of (fake) blood.

Ashley works all over the DFW Metroplex and puts lots of miles on her beloved car, Ruby. Contact Ashley for a project today.

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